How to Store Your Belongings When Moving Out From the Property

Moving house can be stressful. One of the most stressful things about moving is storing and transporting your belongings. Sometimes, when people move houses, they are unable to take all of their things with them, or they have to temporarily store them because their new property isn’t ready, but they need to move out of their existing one immediately to let new people in.

If you are moving house and need somewhere to store your belongings in the interim between moving out and moving in, or because there’s not enough room, then you’re in the right place. Here are your options:

Storage Unit

A storage unit is without a doubt the best place to store your things because they are safe, secure, and affordable. Most storage units are outside; however, you can get indoor units too. One of the advantages of an indoor unit is that nobody is able to get in or out of the building that the unit is inside without the permission of a security guard, which lowers the risk of theft occurring. Also, according to the team at Storefriendly, you can get price quotes on units online. Before renting a unit you need to think about how large a unit you need, how long you want it for, and what you are going to be storing inside of it.

Disassembling Items

If you are going to be storing furniture, then you could also disassemble everything and store it somewhere in your house, or even in your garden. Make sure that when you are disassembling things, you carefully write down where each screw goes. You should also keep all of the screws removed from an object in a plastic bag, so you can reassemble it again quickly. One other thing to consider is giving your furniture away to charity, if you have no place for it in your new home, or if you can’t find anywhere to store it. You will need to write reassembly instructions for the people taking your furniture from you if it’s disassembled.

Using Attic

If your new house has an attic, then why not just store everything in there? However, if you are storing heavy furniture then it’s a bad idea to use your attic for storage. Storing heavy objects inside an attic can be very dangerous. If anybody is sleeping in a room below the attic, then the floor caving in could lead to them getting crushed. The only attics that are safe for storage are ones built like ordinary rooms, with floorboards, support beams, and a staircase going up.

Storage Room

Some apartment buildings actually have storage rooms. If you are moving into an apartment, then it’s worth exploring and seeing if yours does. The only problem with these rooms is that sometimes residents are not allowed to store items in them. If you are not allowed to store items in them and the management company discovers that you have been, then they could remove everything themselves, and send you a bill. This could lead to you losing your belongings and actually having to pay for them to be disposed of. Only ever store items in your apartment building’s storage room when you have permission from the building’s management company to do so.


Unused Bedroom

A lot of people’s houses have unused bedrooms. If you have a bedroom that won’t be used in your new house and nowhere to store your things, you could use the unused bedroom until you find somewhere else to put all of it. Using an unused bedroom to store things is a good short-term solution. However, you do need to make sure that you go in and thoroughly clean down all of the furniture, and the room, every so often. Not cleaning could lead to dust and mold building up, which could then be released into the rest of the house.

Asking Friends

Finally, if you have literally nowhere to put your things and you can’t afford a storage locker, why not ask your friends or family to let you store your things at their place for a while? If your loved ones have a garage or a shed that’s not being used, then you could store your things there. If you are going to ask loved ones to do this for you, make sure you come back and get your belongings as quickly as possible. Just leaving them there forever will no doubt annoy your loved ones.

It can be hard knowing what to do with one’s things when moving house. If you are moving and won’t be taking your things with you (or need somewhere to store your things temporarily while you look for a new place) then give the points made here some consideration.

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