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Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach is a beach and small seaside town on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a suburb split between two local government areas with the eastern coastal in the Shire of Noosa and the western hinterland part in the Sunshine Coast Region. (Between 2008 and 2013 Peregian Beach was entirely within Sunshine Coast Region). In the 2011 census, Peregian Beach had a population of 3,531 people.

Peregian Beach Local Area

There is a village style shopping precinct, a surf club and hotel. The local skate park is popular amongst skaters in the region, but can be prone to short periods of flash flooding in the wet season.

The town of Peregian Beach has recently been given an upgrade, with a new shopping precinct including several new restaurants, a medical centre, and assorted shops. Several other shops have recently been renovated.

Perigean Beach Property Management Demographics

Peregian Beach (4573) is a suburb of South Eastern, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It is about 110 kms from QLD’s capital city of Brisbane. Peregian Beach is in the federal electorate of Wide Bay.
In the 2011 census the population of Peregian Beach was 3,531 and is comprised of approximately 49.8% females and 50.2% males.
The median/average age of the people in Peregian Beach is 42 years of age.
73.1% of people living in the suburb of Peregian Beach were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were 7.1% England, 3.8% New Zealand, 1.3% United States of America, 1.2% Germany, 0.9% Scotland, 0.6% South Africa, 0.5% Canada, 0.3% Philippines, 0.3% Ireland, 0.3% Netherlands, 0.3% Italy, 0.2% Singapore, 0.2% Belgium, 0.2% Switzerland.

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