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Cooroy is a town in Queensland, Australia, located in the northern Sunshine Coast hinterland about 22 kilometres west of Noosa Heads. It
is within the local government area of the Shire of Noosa (between 2008 and 2013 it was within Sunshine Coast Region). It is nicknamed
“Heart of the Hinterland”.

Cooroy Local Area

Cooroy’s name came from Cooroy Mountain, which was originally called Coorooey, from the Aboriginal word for possum, kurui.

The area was explored by timber-cutters as early as 1863. Cooroy railway station was opened in 1891 and in the same year a post office opened. A
town survey was conducted in 1907. Cooroy’s main industry developed from timber, having two operating sawmills, into dairying and fruit growing. In
1915, a butter factory opened.

The town was bisected by the Bruce Highway until a bypass was built.

Cooroy Property Management

The median/average age of the people in Cooroy is 45 years of age.
78.6% of people living in the suburb of Cooroy were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were 5.9% England, 3.0% New
Zealand, 0.9% Germany, 0.5% United States of America, 0.4% Zimbabwe, 0.3% Thailand, 0.3% Scotland, 0.3% Philippines, 0.2% India, 0.2% Northern Ireland, 0.2% Wales, 0.2% Jersey, 0.2% Canada, 0.2% Netherlands.

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