What will happen to a popular rec club after a proposed deal fell through?

The developer of a thriving estate has left the door ajar for people to use a recreational club, after a proposed deal with local property owners fell through.

Aveo closed Ridges in Peregian Springs, after their 10-year agreement to run the venue came to an end and it was “surprised” that a vote among homeowners, to take control of the facility, fell short.

About 1350 people in the estate had paid an annual fee (about $760) via a Principal Body Corporate to have exclusive access to the swimming pool, tennis courts, barbecue area and gym.

They had the opportunity to assume ownership of the club, via a voting process.

The terms of the deal included the PBC taking responsibility for the club (with homeowners paying $790 a year), while the commercial rents from the café and office space would go to the developer for the next 30 years.

All seven subsidiaries within the estate needed to vote ‘yes’ but six voted ‘yes’ and one was a tie. The club was closed, property owners save $760 a year and the developer can essentially do what it wants with the facility.

The result was a blow for many residents, who implored the developer to come back to the negotiating table.

recreational club
Hundreds of people attended meetings, to try and keep the club open.

Aveo said it had already held extensive talks with the PBC working committee during the past 12 months and it had already extended the agreement by seven months.

“Aveo is surprised that the motion did not pass the vote required by the Body Corporate Community Management Act to facilitate the transfer and take ownership,” a spokesperson said.

“However, Aveo is respectful of the process and the outcome of the vote, given a number of residents voted against the transfer.”

The developer was considering the club’s future and had the community in mind.

“Aveo are mindful that the recreational facility is currently closed, and we want to provide certainty for the community in relation to the facility’s future,” the spokesperson said.

The developer was exploring its options, including one that could pave the way for people to use the venue.

“Aveo is not looking to redevelop the recreational facility and has prioritised the consideration of next steps for the facility, which may include a user pay option.

“We will advise of next steps as soon as possible.”

It’s not clear at this stage what a possible user pay system could look like.

Article source: www.sunshinecoastnews.com.au

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