The Picasso-inspired artwork at Cube’s Mooloolaba apartment project

The recently completed Mooloolaba apartment development, Picasso, has been etched with a piece of artwork on its striking facade.

The contemporary sold-out project by local developer Cube Developments, features artwork created by local artist Timothy Birch.

Picasso-inspired artwork at Mooloolaba apartment project
Image of the aptly-inspired artwork on the Picasso apartment building. Credit: Tim Birch

An ode to the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast that surrounds the newly built formation, Birch said he wanted to create a statement with a deeper meaning of unity for the community.

Capturing the textures from the surrounding landscapes such as earth, ocean and atmosphere, the artwork ‘Holding On’ uses connected line work that speaks to the style of Picasso, reflecting the way he interpreted images to his canvas.

“The Sunshine Coast is going through a huge growth period right now and I was really excited to have an opportunity to leave a mark in an area that I have spent so much time in,” said Birch.

“Holding On is about respecting the elements that make this coast what it is. Our region is going through so much rapid change it was important to me to capitulate our resilience to hold onto the natural beauty of our coast that surrounds new built formation.”

Picasso Cube’s Mooloolaba apartment project
3 Naroo Court, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

The views of the mountains, ocean, bush and a large viewpoint of the setting sun wer inspirations for Birch, who wanted to draw on the colours from those elements for the overall concept of the building.

“Picasso aims to showcase the brilliance of design, matched by the stunning natural environment that surrounds it. Using small amounts of bright colours was critical in creating a piece visible to thousands of people daily, both driving and walking by,” Birch noted.

A Sydney born creative and with ten years in the industry under his belt, Birch’s public art influence stemmed from an era where pop art was heavily ingrained in surf culture.

“I like to find the divide between pop art and the natural landscapes surrounding it. I believe it’s early days for public art in the Mooloolaba area, but it’s slowly getting there. I’m hoping this artwork creates momentum to commission other opportunities that pop up for artists in the area. Simply put, art is good for the soul. It has the ability to bring communities together.”

Cube Developments Director Scott Juniper said there is so much potential for artwork in the Sunshine Coast area and said they look forward to pioneering this space on relevant Cube projects.

“We’re thrilled with the end result of Tim’s work and feel it enhances the elegant build of Picasso. It’s a special mural that residents can be proud to come home to and we look forward to future art opportunities with Tim,” Juniper said.

The seven-storey architecturally designed Picasso comprises just 12 three-bedroom apartments, located 200-metres from the beach.

Construction is now complete on the project, with settlement occurring in the coming weeks.

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