Meriton, DisplaySweet Continue their Strong Partnership

When it comes to selling off-the-plan developments, Meriton knows how to get it right. And one of their secret weapons? DisplaySweet. The property technology innovator has been working with Meriton for more than five years, providing the exceptional technology within their showrooms, which has allowed buyers to gain the best possible insight into how their future apartment will look.

James Sialepis, Company Director at Meriton, said, “Without DisplaySweet, our apartments simply wouldn’t sell as quickly as they do. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with DisplaySweet providing the exceptional technology within our showrooms for over five years, across NSW and Queensland.”

Meriton uses the DisplaySweet platform to empower sales agents to control the presentation and showcase all elements of a project intuitively, from movies to 3D plans and associated CGIs with real-time data and hold presentations in person or remotely.

Gone are the days of stagnant printed collateral. DisplaySweet transforms TVs into digital canvases to present the right information at the right time and touch screens that provide buyers a more engaging and personalised experience.

“The ultimate sales tool for our projects is property technology like the touch screens we utilise, integrated with the DisplaySweet app, so that our sales agents can engage with buyers in real-time and view our buildings interactively in person,” Sialepis said.

But it doesn’t stop there. By connecting the app to a physical model’s lighting system, the Meriton sales experience is even more informative and effective.

Ultimate sales tool

Meriton’s partnership with DisplaySweet has been a game-changer for their sales process and it’s not hard to see why. The DisplaySweet platform is the ultimate sales tool for off-the-plan developments and the clear leader in the market, used by the best developers across Australia, UK and the US with a staggering 4 out of the 5 highest off-the-plan sales prices in Australia last year all using the platform to achieve their results.

A key reason for the DisplaySweet platform being the preferred choice by the leading developers is the focus on the intricate details that only those performing at their peak in the industry appreciate. “Part of what keeps us coming back is their great attention to detail,” Sialepis said.

Every developer, sales process and agent is different; flexibility and detail to those unique details are key to the platform’s effectiveness.

▲ Viciniti, Meriton.

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