Controversial Block bidder Adrian Portelli splashes the housing cash

Controversial Block bidder Adrian Portelli is splashing some serious housing cash, with his $2.3m Queensland home to be given away for ‘a redback’ within weeks as he sets up down south.

His LMCT-Plus business has begun promoting a lottery for the waterfront Sanctuary Cove home he had lived in during his controversial role kicking off bidding for Omar and Oz – who were eventual winners of last season’s Block.

Mr Portelli is selling a chance to take the entire Gold Coast home over on March 19 when a name will be drawn as winner – or, if they prefer cash, he’ll hand over $1.8m (to their bank account).

He had bought the property off international DJ brothers Ty and Jesse Taylor of New World Sound for $2.3m in July 2022.

LMCT-Plus sponsored videos of the property are being heavily promoted on social media, with the latest describing the home as “pretty instagrammable”.

“I can see why Adrian chose to live here,” the presenter said. “It’s a gated community, so if you’re not from the Gold Coast trust me that’s what you want at the moment. If you’re from the Gold Coast, you already know that’s what you want at the moment.”

“For 20 bones, a redback, you’ve got a chance of winning this place.”

The kitchen was described as one for anyone “living the Gold Coast dream”.

Mr Portelli’s “very aesthetic office” in the property was said to be “where Adrian cooks up all the million dollar deals” – “so there’s a bit of brainpower in here that will come with it, hopefully the energy stays”.

The presenter said the home was “genuinely one of the nicest houses I’ve walked through, I’m not even joking”.

“This is actually living the Gold Coast dream” which for the visitor included the tantalising thought of casting a line from the upstairs bathtub.

“If you’re a fisherman, imagine this – you’ve got your surf rod out in a rod holder while you’re having a bath and a shoey, and fish on!”

Stunning outlook from the Gold Coast mansion.

The one “snag” was the “bath with a view” required some caution – “just be careful when you’re getting out and drying yourself”.

Mr Portelli’s golf buggy remains in the double garage – part of his gift to next month’s winner.

The man himself has already moved on to what will be the next prize home he’ll offer up – buying a six bedroom, four bathroom, six car space house on a large 4,280sq m block in Upper Coomera in late October for $1.85m.

He took possession of the property just over a month ago, according to property records.

In November, just days after making a splash with the opening bid on Omar and Oz’s property on The Block, he was revealed as the buyer of another Block home – Ankur and Sharon’s house. Nine reportedly confirmed he’d paid $4.25m for the home, giving the couple a profit of $170,000 over their reserve.

Mr Portelli has listed a different Victorian address as his home in property records, which sold for $4.45m in October last year.

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