Coast builder’s modular homes emerging as housing crisis solution

A Sunshine Coast building company is helping to address Queensland’s growing housing crisis by providing affordable and innovative modular housing options to rural and regional areas.

The Sunshine Coast area is among those experiencing considerable housing stress, with some experts suggesting the region is at least 8,000 houses short, with 5,500 of those needed for the desperate rental sector.

The housing shortage is even impacting those who have jobs and business owners who are resorting to buying properties to ensure accommodation for much-needed and expert employees. 

Oly Homes, which is based in Yandina, specialises in the construction of “modular, factory-built homes and buildings, designed to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of buyers while fulfilling a wide range of requirements”.

modular homes Sunshine Coast
A modular home constructed on the Sunshine Coast by Oly Homes, of Yandina.

Managing Director Dale Funston said such homes would help ease the rental crisis, with the State Government announcing recently it would now allow Queenslanders to rent out granny flats.

The company, which has been operating for 50 years, recently unveiled a second construction yard in Chevallum to cater to the growing demand for its housing projects, including in rural and remote areas.

“The Sunshine Coast is grappling with its worst-ever rental crisis,” Mr Funston said.

“For those people looking at renting out their granny flat, not only is the property occupied and they are receiving income, but now they can help someone in the community that needs housing for their family.

“The second yard that has just opened at Chevallum will assist us in working on commercial and large-scale housing projects in those (rural and remote) centres to assist the housing crisis.

“Infrastructure means more people in those areas, which in turn means more capital and more job creation.

“These are areas that people tend to overlook because there is no housing available. There are many challenges facing these areas in regards to construction, including supply chain tardiness and disruption, higher material and labour costs, as well as a limited workforce.

“If we can provide housing that gentrifies those areas, we are making a difference state-wide economically and providing adequate housing options.”

Oly Homes
The staff at Oly Homes, which creates modular homes suitable to help the housing crisis.

The Yandina-based company is a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2022 Building and Construction category.

It’s one of the latest stories focussing on the Sunshine Coast region’s housing shortages and increasing homelessness, including for those who are employed.

A local housing analyst who is pushing for united action to solve the problem, is inviting community members to “spend 15 seconds” to sign up to help raise public awareness of the housing crisis.

Mal Cayley, of Direct Collective, has launched the Homes for Everyone website to help inform and motivate the community about the issue.

“We need strength in numbers to show the politicians and decision-makers that we want to end homelessness and the rental crisis. It affects all of us,” Mr Cayley said.

“We’ll keep you updated with our progress, but we certainly won’t be marketing to you.”

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