5 clever ways to upgrade your home without moving

If you’re thinking it’s time to refresh the four walls around you, but aren’t planning to move house, don’t despair.

There is a number of clever ways to upgrade your home so it feels like new again. Best of all, these measures won’t cost the earth and will keep your home feeling aesthetically pleasing, safe and secure.

Get out the paintbrush

You can’t beat painting as the cheapest and quickest way to make a maximum impact on your interiors and exteriors.

Do your homework first and make sure you work with the colourings you have, particularly your soft furnishings such as couches and blinds or curtains, to achieve a cohesive look.

An excellent finish hinges on preliminary sanding and filling. So take your time and smooth out your surfaces before applying your chosen colour and you will have a more professional finish.

Painting isn’t just for walls and ceilings, either. Specialty paints can refresh laminate, tiles and floors, making it possible to rejuvenate your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Upgrade the locks

New technology on the market means there are many keyless solutions to keep your home secure.

A smart lock on your front door allows you to enter and exit easily, without fumbling for keys – especially when your hands are full. Most are operated by a pin pad or remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Yale provides smart locks that can be locked and unlocked via apps, explains Eric Sindel, senior product manager at Yale.

“People have been using keys and locks for most of their lives, so they really need to be convinced that changing over is worth it,” he says.

ways to upgrade your home
There are now many keyless solutions to keep your home secure. Photo: Supplied

“The biggest benefit of smart locks is you have that flexibility to … manage who has access to your home, just through an app or through an electronic interface. So you’re not worrying about lost keys, having to leave a key or go and meet someone if they need access because you’re able to remotely access your lock.”

Declutter your space

There’s a rule of thumb we should all abide by when it comes to possessions – if you haven’t used it in the past 12 months, donate, upcycle or bin it. It becomes all too easy to hang on to items we see as precious in one way or another, but if they don’t serve a purpose and aren’t sentimentally important, they are simply taking up space.

If throwing things away is too much to bear, donate your unwanted goods to a local charity bin or op-shop. Just ensure your items are in working order and in good, clean condition. Otherwise, see if they can be repaired, sold online or given to friends and family.

Restore an old piece of furniture

Choose a beloved, tired piece of furniture that needs some life breathed into it. As long as your restoration project has good bones, you can give it a new look.

It could be an old coffee table or dresser that needs a new coat of paint or varnish. Removing the handles and replacing them with more functional or contemporary options is just like putting the icing on the cake.

ways to upgrade your home
Try reupholstering a piece of furniture to breathe new life into it. Photo: Supplied

Those handy with sewing may want to take on an upholstery project. Just ensure your measurements are accurate to avoid being caught short on fabric. Even buy a little extra to give yourself room to make mistakes.

Add some colour

Manchester and linen can add instant colour to multiple areas of your home. New cushions, or just cushion covers, can reset the living area, while new quilts or doona covers can update your bedroom look.

New towels and bathmats are an easy way to add colour to your bathrooms, while something as simple as a fresh set of tea towels can brighten up your kitchen.

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